About us

Stand Up Paddleboarding is not new to the world but not in this country. Only handful of Malaysians own their boards and mostly used for leisure or hobby.  After a while their interest dies down due to lack of real challenges. Therefore the reason of our establishment is to provide very much needed platform: 

1. Attract and inspire more people to try out this great sport for all age groups 

2. Easy access for people to learn, train and master 

3. Create vibes and galvanize enthusiasm by having exciting tours and races. Check out for suporman series 

4. Encourage youngsters at the same time Identify and develop talents for country assets

SUPON TOURACE 12'6 is now on sale.


This touring and racing board is used for all Suponman Series where all racers will compete using the same shape and design. This is part of our effort to make the race is possible in the country where anyone can race.  Read more here


Upcoming Events


  • Merdeka Paddle Day- 28.08.2022
  • Perhentian Round Island (Kecil)- 02.10.2022
  • Suponman Tri  2022 - Thistle 16.10.2022

What Do we Offer?

SUP Lesson & Clinic

  • one to one or one to two session
  • group session
  • Lesson for kids (7-12y)
  • beginners | intermediate /advanced | SUP rescue lessons

SUPRental & Practice location

  • Port Dickson (In Operation)
  • Perhentian Island (temporarily closed)
  • Penang (In Operation)
  • Putrajaya (In operation)
  • Shah Alam (In Operation)

Suponman Series 

  • Putrajaya Lake
  • Bagan Pinang, Port Dickson
  • Widuri Lake, Bkt Beruntung
  • Perhentian Island
  • Bagan Lalang Beach
  • Penang

SUP Touring

Bagan Lalang Riverocean

Kapas & Perhentian Island

Song Song Island

Putrajaya Core Island

Port Dickson 

Jerejak Island 



Why choose use:  We have variety of boards - for kid, all around, surf, touring and race boards. As you become more skillful, you tend to try different type of boards, you can achieve this by being with us.

Past Events


  • The Thistle Ocean SUP Challenge  
  • The Thistle Suponman Tri
  • Supon Junior SUP day
  • 30th May Riverocean Tour at Bagan Lalang  (cancelled)
  • 24th Apr 2021 - Sunset/iftar SUP at Tasik Widuri
  • 10th Apr 2021 - Suponman Clinic & Race Simulation at Tasik Widuri
  • Song Song Island Tour - 19-20th Dec
  • Advanced SUP Clinic - 3rd Jan at Tasik Widuri
  • SUP Essential and Safety  Course - 10th Jan 2020 Tasik Widuri
  • PD SUP Tour - 17th Jan
  • Tadom SUP Essential and Safety  Course - 30th Jan
  • Suponman  & Jerjak  Island Tour - cancelled
  • Suponman & Song-Song OWS/SUP Camp  - TBD