In effort to make SUP races possible in the country and where anyone can race, we introduce single design board called Tourace 12'6. This touring and racing board 12'6" x29" x 6" will be used the entire series which has 3 events, 200m sprint, 2km middle distance and 5km distance.  Using a single design model ensure participants race in fair condition instead of having multiple models with different shapes and sizes.  Since we are providing the boards, one does not have to invest in order to race.  Of course, he or she can own this model for personal use besides the for the race itself. The boards are also available at our rental venues for anyone to get used to or to train. 

Race Format

A participant to race in all 3 events:

  • 2km middle distance ; the 1st event to be taken place on the day; tend to have many turnings.
  • 200m sprint;  participants to go through several heats before going to the final
  • 5km distance. The last event of the day; tend to have less turnings.
  • 1KM junior race (7-12 years old only)

Each position of each event will carry some points and the accumulation of points will determine the winners for each series.  At the end of series too, we will announce the top 3 suponman winners ; male and female, by taking account the top  3 performance of the series

Race Venues (Tentative)

  • Putrajaya Lake
  • Port Dickson
  • Perhentian Island
  • Penang
  • Kuantan
  • Sepang

1st Series Result -  Widuri Suponman Race    1km|150m sprint|2km|1km kid


set 1      Set 2