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If your time is not flexible and you prefer to have one to one or one to two, we do offer this option.  Your learning curve will be shorter.  By joining a group lesson, it will be more fun and chance to make new friends who have the same interest. 

The hard-board we use to teach 1-2-1 or 1-2-2 will speed up your learning curve

Variety of board of different shape & Size

You will have opportunities to try all of them when attending a group lesson, from a beginner to a race board.

The lessons we offer:

SUP essentials and Safety course

1. SUP essentials & safety Course   

duration: 3.0 hours  



1 to 4 – RM140  

5-20 pax - RM100  

> 20pax - contact us  


Venue Choices:  Tasik S.Alam, Kelab Tasik Putrajaya, Widuri(bkt Beruntung)


Typical Itinerary: 

8am: arrival & check-in  

8:20: safety briefing  

8:30: Theory and on-land practice  

9:00:  In water practical  

10:00: Break/hydration  

11:30: Session End  



High water confident   

Physically fit  


What to bring:  

Swim outfit   

Aqua shoes (highly recommended)  

Enough drinking water & snacks (refreshment not provided)  

Towel / sarong  

Sun blocks  

Sun glasses  (secure it by a string)   


Mask & hand sanitizer   




Understand on safety aspects the sport  

How to setup and care  the equipment  

Practical in water entry and exit  

Practical in proning, kneeling, and standing positions  

Practical in navigation (basic turn – reverse & cross over and stopping)   

Practical in getting back onto board  

Understand how to perform a pivot turn 

SUP intermediate/advanced

#2  SUP Intermediate/Advanced Course  

duration: 3.0 hours 



1 to 4 – RM140  

5-20 pax - RM100  

> 20pax - contact us  



completed 5 hours paddling experience



One-sided paddling skill – C strokes 

Perfecting step-back/pivot turn ( front side and back-side turn, shuffling/hopping) 

Perfecting turning at marking buoy 

Surf stance practice 

Changing pace and drafting 

Identifying natural stance (goofy or normal stance) 

Sprinting technique 

In water start / on-land start technique 

SUP Rescue

#3  SUP Rescue  

duration: 3.0 hours 



1 to 4 – RM140  

5-20 pax - RM100  

> 20pax - Contact us 



completed 10 hours paddling experience



Identifying rescue equipment and how to use

How to perform sprint

How to tow a SUP

How to perform board flip

How to rescue conscious victim

How to rescue unconcious victim

Rescue simulation


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