V-SUP   Nov-Dec '22

This is the first virtual SUP ever organized in Malaysia.  We are providing this challenge for everyone to break 10KM barrier in distance.  We hope this program will motivate and to boost your  confident in paddling more than 10KM in distance. 

How to take part?

1. Enter the challenge 

Please register via this link ; open from 9th Nov to 20th Nov:

click here to register here


2.Paddle out!

Ensure you completed the challenge by paddling at least 10km in a single session by December 9, 2022.


3. Get rewarded

When you completed the challenge, submit your evidence and you will receive an exclusive trophy that will remind you of your achievement



a. Where should I paddle?

Get a SUP board (your own or a rental) and paddle out anywhere in Malaysia. It can be in a lake, a river or in the sea.

b. When Should I paddle?

After registration,  you can select any convenient date from Nov 9 to Dec 8.

c. Could I paddle several times on different dates and accumulate the distance to be 10KM or more?  

No your couldn't.  You must complete within a single session.

d. How do I capture my distance and send the evidence?

Please use any smart-watch to record and produce your work-out summary. You may use other application such as Strava in the combination of your phone. Email the evidence to supon.sports@gmail.com

e. Am I allowed to sit down while completing the distance?

We encourage you the complete the distance in stand up mode. Of course you may take a break such as to hydrate or your foot is getting numb.

f. If  I completed the challenge, when will I get the reward or trophy?

Upon our verification of your evidence,  we will start shipping from 9th December 2022 and you will be receive it by  December 15th

g. What if I could not completed within the given period?

Please notify us before the closing date by email to supon.sports@gmail.com for the justification.

h. what else do I benefit from the entry

You will receieve an E-cert and chance to own Supon PFD by 2 lucky draws.

i. Do you have any recommend places to paddle?

For Klang Valley paddlers, you may paddle at Tasik Widuri-Rawang (rental board available), Tasik Biru-Kundang, Tasik Shah-Alam (Rental board available too), Kelab Tasik Putrajaya (Rental board available)

j. I live outside Malaysia. Could I participate too?

Yes it is possible; but please contact supon.sports@gmail.com for further clarification.





Your   Reward is  this exclusive trophy

Or you may choose a  t-shirt

Or you can choose both

2 lucky draws of SUPON  PFD,  The best PFD for SUP.

SUP any where   via V-SUP 2022 Challenge